Every competitive game is based on an intense, though temporary, the relationship between the players. Without this relationship, there is no fun in a competition and the immersive experience of a game is also lost. As a result, the game feels like an artificial activity, instead of feeling like a natural part of one’s life.

It is a famous saying that asks people to keep their friends close but their enemies closer. Even in real cash rummy, this saying runs true. It is very important to keep a check on one’s opponent and analyze the pattern of their playing so as to stay a few steps ahead of them. When it comes to real cash rummy, the stakes are also higher with each game, thus one must focus as much on the opponent’s game as their own.

Reasons why it is important to have a check on your opponents while playing

  • Strategy

One of the major skills required in Rummy is the ability to strategize. Advanced level Rummy players think up almost the entire strategy for the game as soon as they read their cards. But, it’s not a one-person game. Therefore, all strategizing involves taking into consideration possible moves of the opponents. Without the calculation of those variables, strategizing goes haywire and the game-plan is also weakened. Therefore, for the sake of strategizing, it is important to understand what kind of a game one’s opponent is going to play.

  • Profit

Real cash rummy is about profit if we look at the bottom line. Therefore, there are also calculations involved there, in order to bring out the most favorable outcome, economically. The cash is dependent on the points system, so it is very important for a player, in a multi-player game like Rummy, to observe and occasionally use to their own advantage, the moves of their opponents. Keeping an eye on the opponent becomes very important in that case.

  • Keeping One Step Ahead

It is also important to understand that any smart opponent will also be doing the same thing. Strategizing, keeping a tab on the other players is something that each player is doing to the other. Therefore, to stay ahead of them and to make the most of every game monetarily, it is important to stay one step ahead of one’s opponent, by analyzing and understanding their strategy and counter-strategizing.


Sometimes, in a kind of megalomania that comes with having cracked a game after a lot of experience playing it, we forget that we are playing against other whole human beings who are also competent and may have the same expertise as us. Therefore, we let it get to our heads and let it affect our results by becoming careless. Underestimating an opponent is one of the riskiest moves in a game and Indian Rummy is no different. Therefore, it is always best to have a firm understanding of the possibilities of a game and the nuances of the game-plays of the opponents.

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