For many new expats, renting a house can be a big headache. It isn’t supposed to be so. While some expats have their employers make accommodation arrangements in advance, some aren’t lucky enough to have this. You are not alone in this if you have been planning to rent an apartment abroad while working. This guide offers you a few useful tips to secure a good deal. Keep reading.

How to Rent a House as an Expat

As an expat looking forward to renting a house, always remember to consider the following:

  • Timing is important

When looking for a house to rent as an expert, the right timing is key. When is the best time of the year for the best deals? Consider this. To find this, examine several resources online about the location you have in mind to rent a house. You may also need to consult a few advisers, if needed, regarding the specific city you will live in.

In any case, this doesn’t imply that you want to have everything arranged before you show up. The exploration will give you a decent foundation. However, numerous expats like to live for some time in their new host country, in transitory convenience. Often, this would be an inn or Airbnb-type plan, where hosts will likewise be able to offer local guidance on options that are accessible.

  • Consider the costs

Getting the right rent price is also important. Whether you move into a region with a lower cost of living than your former location, costs can be steep. A contributor to the issue is that property searches often begin with the best regions. These are where the most noteworthy rents are payable. You can access reasonable rents in areas with affordable costs of living.

As usual, the more pleasant spots cost more. However, the main key thing here is to comprehend the real cost.

Is there an extra agency fee payable on the rent? What is the minimum deposit required? And what are the possibilities of getting it back? How much is the support charge?

  • Do more findings on the location

Picking the right area is crucial as an expat. Which is the right area for your job? This depends on your needs and financial plan. Numerous unattached, more youthful expats might need to be in the main part of the activity. For families, calmer rural areas will be better.

The most effective way to get action on the best places to reside is to chat with previous expats. They will have a direct insight into the city or nation being referred to. You may also pose the question of online communities – Quora and Reddit are good places to seek direct and useful ideas about the location you have in mind.

  • The right agreement

We won’t cover much legal stuff here. That is beyond the scope and purpose of this article. However, securing the right contract for the house you will be renting as an expat is very important.

Contracts fluctuate from one country to another. For instance concerning what is incorporated and what charges are payable, to other aspects of the property.  It is therefore key to seek legal professional advice regarding the house. You ought to know and fully understand what happens when agreements are neglected/abused. This occurred to a lot of expats. Be prepared for this. Understand how it can be prevented.


Renting an apartment in a foreign country as an expat can be a headache. However, with enough research and thorough preparation, this can be reduced. Also, seek the help of professionals when needed to ease the stress. Finally, for a studio rental in Brussels, you can reach out real estate agents.

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