If you want your business manufacturing to match the modern era, it is necessary for you to pack your products in an outstanding packing. Traditional packing is that was used in the olden times are no longer in trend. It is the trend of thermoforming plastic packing. It is the type of packing that is done on the products using moulds, plastic, and temperature. The plastic is heated on the moulds that are made in the shape of your products. The heating process continues until the plastic takes the shape of the product that you want to pack.

This is the least of information that you might have already got about thermoforming plastic packing. However, there are a lot of other things as well that you are supposed to know before you get this type of packing done on your products. With the help of complete knowledge of this packing, it will be easier for you to get this work done right for your manufacturing process.

The plastic used in thermoforming

It is a widespread fact that any type of plastics can be used for the thermoforming process, but there are some standards and customs to which the plastics using must meet. Most of the firms usually prefer PET plastic. Some of the most common types of plastics used in the thermoforming packing process are given as follows –

  • HIPS plastic

It is commonly called polystyrene, and it can be used for foamed or rigid plastic. It is completely clear and brittle composure; therefore, it is ideal for protective packing.

  • HDPE plastic

It is a subdivision of HIPS plastic with high-density. It is comprised of petrol and therefore it is considered to be much stronger than the others.

  • PVC plastic

It is commonly called as polyvinyl chloride, and it is the third most used polymer for thermoforming plastic packing. It is created with the help of suspension polymerization. It has a very strong heart structure that can survive extreme temperatures and impacts.

Some key terminology used in thermoforming

When you are about to get your products packed in thermoforming plastic packing, it is very necessary for me to know the key terms that are used in this packing. They are given as follows –

  • Thermoforming – it is the process of turning the plastic sheet into a three-dimensional shape with the help of heat, vacuum, and pressure.
  • Pressure forming – it is a process that adds pressure box to the process of forming a thermoforming plastic package. It uses both vacuum as well as positive air pressure.
  • Thermoplastics – As the name suggests, it’s a plastic that is made from polymer with the help of thermal energy. It uses polymer resins that get homogenized when heated.

These are some of the most commonly used terminologies in thermoforming plastic packing.


The necessary details that you are supposed to know about thermoforming plastic and its process are described in the information given above. After reading the above-given information, you’ll be well aware of everything you should know regarding the thermoforming plastic packing.

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