Queen Alba is someone who needs no introduction, she is a powerful leader and an inspiration to many. From leading her kingdom to establishing social welfare programs, Queen Alba’s life is full of responsibilities. However, what many people do not know is that the Queen has an unconventional part-time job that she takes very seriously. In this blog post, we will take a glimpse into Queen Alba (퀸알바) unconventional part-time job.

So, what is Queen Alba’s part-time job exactly? Well, she works as a bartender! Yes, you read that right. Queen Alba enjoys mixing drinks and interacting with people from all walks of life. This job allows her to take a break from her responsibilities and just be a regular person. When asked why she chose bartending as a part-time job, the Queen responded by saying that it’s a stress-free job that allows her to have fun and just be herself.

When Queen Alba bartends, she goes by the name “Alba”. She doesn’t reveal her true identity to her customers and enjoys being able to blend in with the crowd. According to Alba, bartending has helped her gain a new perspective on life. She enjoys hearing other people’s stories and believes that it has helped her become a better leader. The Queen says that listening to her customers has helped her understand their struggles and has given her ideas on how to better serve her kingdom.

Bartending may seem like a job that requires little skill, but Queen Alba takes it very seriously. She has invested time in learning the art of mixing drinks and has come up with a few signature cocktails. Alba believes that the key to being a good bartender is not just knowing how to make drinks but also how to interact with people. She takes pride in providing excellent customer service and goes above and beyond to make sure her customers have a good time.

When Alba isn’t busy ruling her kingdom or bartending, she enjoys traveling the world. She believes that traveling is essential to gaining new perspectives and understanding different cultures. The Queen tries to make time for traveling at least twice a year and often takes her bartending skills to other countries. Alba believes that bartending is a universal language that brings people together. She also enjoys learning about the different types of drinks and ingredients used in other parts of the world.


Queen Alba is a true inspiration. She is a powerful leader who also knows how to have fun. Her unconventional part-time job as a bartender is proof that even someone as busy as a Queen can make time for themselves. Alba’s dedication to learning and providing excellent customer service is a testament to her strong work ethic. Her love for traveling and experiencing different cultures is something we can all learn from. Queen Alba reminds us that it’s important to take care of ourselves and to never stop learning.

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