Which material you should invest in wardrobe?

Which material you should invest in wardrobe?

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A wardrobe is more than just storage. The wardrobe’s design, colour and exterior finishes can enhance the bedroom’s decor. There are many choices for finishes. Each finish has its own unique appearance and texture. Thisopen wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms will help you choose the right finish for your project.


Veneers are a popular choice for exterior finishes because of their ability to give off a modern and traditional look. Veneers are thin layers of natural timber. Made in many designs, they add warmth, elegance, and richness to any space. Veneers are susceptible to scratches and need regular maintenance. It is important to polish the wardrobe regularly in order to preserve the shine. Medium-densityplywood is our recommendation because it is stronger, more durable, resistant to moisture, and less susceptible to warping than other materials.


Laminates are a popular choice for bedroom wardrobes. They have many great qualities, including high durability, resistance to water, low cost, and easy cleaning. You have many choices in terms of design, colors, and finishes. These include matte, textured, and high-gloss finishes. A laminate has a few drawbacks. It is fragile, and you cannot repair it once damage.

Glossy laminate

The enhanced radiance of glossy-white laminate adds a feeling of luxury and elegance to this room. It also adds brightness due to its ability reflect light.Shiny laminates can be scratched easily and require regular cleaning.

Mirror finish

Wardrobe that has an attached mirror is definitely a ‘WOW’ image. Mirrors are a great way to visually increase space and create the illusion of more.Mirror cladding can make the wardrobe panels heavy. To ensure that the wardrobe is durable and easy to maintain, make sure you use high-quality track or hinge systems.Glass sections create a feeling of lightness in wardrobe doors panels. This is an alternative to traditional solid panels. You can choose from plain, tinted or lacquered glass. It is easy-to-clean, low in maintenance, and easily mounted.



Leather finish wardrobe

You can make a bold statement by using leather, faux leather, or vinyl panels for your wardrobe doors. A leather finish can be used to soften the edges of your wardrobe and add warmth. To weave the design elements of your boudoir together, use the same material as the headboard.The crystals embedded into the leather panels give this area a luxurious, high-end look.

The metal wardrobe is a favorite. Metal is a modern way to add a bold industrial look in your room.

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