Hiring an Interior Designer Ahead of Selling

Hiring an Interior Designer Ahead of Selling

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It’s no secret that one of the most important preparations for selling a house is getting it into a sellable state. And there’s no doubt, renovating or otherwise, improving the appearance of a home (especially if it features any old-fashioned or derelict elements) is a sure-fire way to increase its value. And following an expert and in-depth appraisal by a real estate brokerage with a keen knowledge of market trends, a heftier price tag can then be placed on the home, as it will simply be more attractive to buyers who no longer need to do any work themselves. If you are selling your home, then a company such as CityHome Collective out of SLC can help you decide to what extent you should redesign your home and let you know just how much additional value this will bring. 

An essential part of pre-sale renovation is interior design, and many home sellers are faced with the decision of whether to hire an interior designer before putting their home on the market. This decision can be a tough one, and it is contingent on a range of factors that only a professional realtor can assess. However, it ultimately comes down to a very simple consideration – will hiring an interior designer be cost effective? Will it increase the value of my home by more or less than the extra value it will add to the selling price? 

Hiring an Interior Designer

In the majority of cases, homeowners tend to hire an interior designer not when they are about to sell, but when they intend to live in the home for a number of years. There is a quite simple reason for this: an interior designer’s job is to renovate the interior of a home exactly to the homeowner’s taste. For this reason, hiring an interior designer for a house that is going to be put on the market can involve many tricky decisions. You don’t want to put off potential buyers by designing the home in a way that does not suit their personal tastes. 

The way around this problem is not to do anything overly specific or ostentatious when redesigning a home’s interior, and to instead use the service to fix certain elements that are unambiguously lowering the house’s value and which all buyers will want to see fixed sooner or later. This could include getting rid of a disastrously old-fashioned design scheme or fixing up design elements of the house that have fallen into disrepair. This could be, for example, changing old curtains, altering an avocado bathroom color scheme, or replacing a carpet that has gotten dirty. These are the safe areas where you can be sure you will be increasing the value of the house, not putting off a buyer with a clash between your tastes and theirs. 

Value Your Home in its Current State Before Doing Anything Else

So, how can you avoid spending more on interior redesign than the extra money it will bring in? The first step to avoid any mistakes here is to value your home as is. That way, you’ll know just what your home can fetch in its current state and whether it’s worth hiring an interior designer. If you value your home with a quality real estate brokerage, the assessment will also include tips regarding what could be changed and how much value that will add to the house. 

In other words, hiring an interior designer can in many cases be a great idea, but you’ll need the expertise of a real estate brokerage first. This is not something you can work out on your own.

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