How to Choose the Best Solar Panels?

How to Choose the Best Solar Panels?

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In Australia, the cost of residential solar panels has reduced considerably in the recent years. However, the cost of any solar panels will depend on several factors.

It will be important to remember a few crucial factors while selecting the solar panels of the best size to use while installing your solar power system. Your purchase decision for your solar panel Perth will be not just the price tag, but you must see, what can offer you much better return on your investment.

The following are a few important tips to select one of the best modules for the installation situation.

1. Solar panel warranties

Often the warranties and guarantees are too confusing whether you buy a solar panel or a solar hot water Perth. The warranty will usually cover all manufacturing defects. The typical warranty period will be anything between 10-25 years.

 2. Solar energy performance guarantee

The next type of guarantee that you must look into will be your panel’s performance guarantee. Basically, the manufacturer must ensure that the panels will perform for their lifetime at peak levels. However, guarantees are given for 20-25 years.

3. Solar panel efficiency

Your panel efficiency will tell you how effectively it will convert sunlight into electricity. All modern solar panels have very high efficiency, which is typically around 20%.

4. Solar panel wattage

Often efficiency is confused with wattage. Your wattage will be a unit of measure that denotes the potential electrical panel output under ideal circumstances. More the higher wattage of your panel, the more will be the electricity it will produce for your home.

5. Solar panel aesthetics

Since more and more people are now going solar, hence the need for panels of well-design is becoming a necessity for the consumer.  Many consumers prefer black panels, but you will find various types of panels that you can select based on your choice.

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